Monday, February 28, 2011

Words of Romance

A: Alluring, Angelic, Adoring, Appealing, Attractive, Absorbing, Accomplished, Affectionate, Admirable, Ardent, Amorous, Agreeable, Avid, Animated, Attentive, Amazing, Astonishing, Arresting, Ablaze, Aflame, All-consuming, Astounding, Able, Accommodating, Aching
B: Beautiful, Beguiling, Beatific, Balmy, Benevolent, Burning, Blazing, Blissful, Brilliant, Bright, Beaming, Breathtaking, Brawny, Burly, Beefy, Breathless
C: Content, Complete, Charming, Captivating, Cute, Charismatic, Capable, Clever, Caring, Compassionate, Cordial, Convivial, Cozy, Cheerful, Cheery, Considerate, Committed, Constant, Comfortable, Contented, Cherished, Compelling,
D: Darling, Dreamy, Delirious, Desired, Delightful, Delectable, Doting, Demonstrative, Decadent, Devoted, Dedicated, Dazzling, Dramatic, Desirable, Delighted, Deeply, Dynamic, Dashing, Daring, Delicious, Divine,
E: Elated, Enthralling, Enthralled, Engaging, Eye-catching, Enticing, Exciting, Extraordinary, Engrossing, Enchanting, Entrancing, Elegant, Excellent, Expert, Endearing, Extravagant, Enthusiastic, Enjoyable, Effusive, Expressive, Eager, Easygoing, Excited, Earnest, Exquisite, Exultant, Ecstatic, Enjoyable, Euphoric, Exceptional, Effervescent, Evanescent, Endowed, Exquisite, Erect
F: Fascinating, First-class, Fine, Fond, Fiery, Fervent, Faithful, Flaming, Flushed, Feverish, Fortunate, Favored, Favorable, Fulfilled, Fresh, Flowing, Flowery, Forgiving, Feminine, Feisty, Frisky, Forthright, Fragrant, Firm, Focused
G: Giving, Gorgeous, Glamorous, Good-looking, Gripping, Good, Gentle, Genial, Gratifying, Gracious, Glad, Gleaming, Glowing, Gifted, Graceful, Gentlemanly, Great, Generous, Genuine, Garrulous, Goose-bumpy
H: Heartfelt, Held, Happy, Hot, Hot blooded, Handsome, Heavenly, Harmonious, Head over heels, Haunting, High-spirited, Honest, Hard
I: Innocent, Interesting, Intriguing, Inviting, Impressive, Ingenuous, Intense, Impassioned, Idyllic, In seventh heaven, In raptures, Inspired, Incandescent, Incredible, Incomparable, Indulgent,
J: Joyful, Joyous, Jovial, Jubilant, Juicy
K: Kissed, Kind, Kindhearted, Kindly, Keen,
L: Loved, Lascivious, Likable, Lovely, Lovable, Loving, Loyal, Lusty, Lucky, Luminous, Luminescent, Limber, Lithe, Lively, Luscious, Luxurious
M: Memorized, Motivating, Mesmerizing, Magnetic, Magnificent, Magical, Madly, Memorable, Mysterious, Miraculous, Mellow, Masculine, Manly, Muscular, Marvelous
N: Nice, Nimble, Naughty, Narcotic,
O: Out of the ordinary, Open, Outstanding, On cloud nine, Overjoyed, Over the moon,
P: Privileged, Passionate, Pleasing, Pretty, Pleasant, Persuasive, Pure, Pleasurable, Pleased, Perfect, Peaceful, Profoundly, Prized, Powerful, Pungent, Piquant, Potent, Pulsing
Q: Quixotic,
R: Remembered, Remarkable, Riveting, Romantic, Responsive, Relaxing, Relaxed, Restful, Rapturous, Radiant, Resplendent, Rugged, Reliable, Resolute, Radiating
S: Starry-eyed, Sensual, Seen, Striking, Smart, Spellbinding, Stunning, Sensational, Sophisticated, Skilled, Sweet, Sensitive, Snug, Satisfying, Sympathetic, Supportive, Steadfast, Superb, Spectacular, Surprising, Startling, Smoldering, Satisfied, Sparkling, Shining, Skillful, Shimmering, Sunny, Supernatural, Special, Sexy, Soft, Silken, Slippery, Supple, Silky, Sentimental, Supple, Sinuous, Svelte, Strong, Spicy, Spirited, Stiff, Slick
T: Tasted, Touched, Tempted, Tempting, Thrilling, Talented, Tender, Thoughtful, Tingly, Ticklish, Thrilled, Tranquil, Truly, Tremendous, Terrific, Treasured, Tasty, Turgid, Throbbing
U: Unswerving, Unusual, Unique, Unforgettable, Unfaltering, Unwavering,
V: Velvety, Vital, Vigorous,
W: Worthy of note, Warm, Warmhearted, Welcoming, Winning, Welcome, Wild, Wicked, Willowy, Womanly,
X: Exquisite, Exceptional,
Y: Yummy, Yielding,
Z: Zealous

-Romantic words found at:

She is

She is delicate like a flower that bruises so easily
She is fragile like a piece of glass laying broken on the floor
She is captivating like a bird set free from its cage
She is gentle like a deer running away at the slightest sound
She is intriguing like a snowflake melting in your hand
She is elegant like the dance of two butterfly's as they spiral to the sky
She is innocent like the purity of a white rose
She is tempting like the softness of silk
She is unforgettable like the love we used to share

-Poem by Amira

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Curse

                                      Chapter one

  I was compelled to look in his eyes. I had to. It was like being given an order. I stared down at his feet, not daring to look up. I could feel his eyes on me, staring straight into my very soul. Willing me to look. Willing me to enter his world, to take a step. I could feel my barrier crashing down and all of the sudden they were in my head. The voices told me not to. It was like a crowd in my head, yelling, screaming, it sounded like people being tortured, but it wasn’t it was worse.  They were actually screaming for my sake telling me not to look in his eyes. I knew who they were, people who are trapped  in his mind, who have also looked in his eyes. He took my chin with his two fingers “Nynette look into my eyes” he said in the deepest, calmest voice I have ever heard. Could I? Could I look, no. I would be taken. I don’t want to go in his world, do I? There’s a legend of my town about a young man. His name was Damarious, and he and Aphrodite (a goddess) were in love, until another girl came into the picture. The picture: Aphrodite’s love cheating on her with someone else.  Damarious took the other girls hand and kissed her cheek. He told her he loved her, now this girl was greedy. She only cared about money, his money. She didn’t like him, she was using him. She said “Honey what are your favorite things about me”? He looked at her and stroked her cheek, “Your eyes, Esmeraldas, your gorgeous sea blue eyes. At that moment Aphrodite was furious. She walked out to the woods behind his house to find him and instead found him and another girl. Bla bla bla, how all Greek stories are she gets mad, and curses him. But the curse is no ordinary curse. People who look in his eyes will go insane. They see everything that he has seen and can’t handle it. They go through his most powerful memories and can’t bare the sight and end up losing their minds. If a person survives his memories the curse will be broken. For what is in his past memories, I have no idea, no one has lived to tell the tale. Will I find out, lets continue with the story. So where were we, ah entering his world (or his memories). The people telling me not to look were all of the people who have lost their memories by looking in his eyes. Their souls were trapped inside him, living his memories over and over. But would I get stuck? Lost forever? His glasses were now off, in his right hand by his side. So if I looked up… I would see his eyes. “Will I die” I asked in a shaky voice. He has been my boyfriend for over three years now, I was sitting on his couch in his apartment when he said we need to talk, and he told me everything. I believe him. “Nynette” he said, and I could picture him speaking with his brown hair, pale white skin and perfect lips. Compared to me with my dusty blond hair and hazel eyes, he was way more attractive. “You’re the one, you will survive. You will live” he grabbed my soldiers “now look” he said. I trusted him with my whole life. But how can I survive and not go insane like everyone else. I just had to be strong. I have to be able to handle his memories. But how old is he even, how far back do his memories go. But, still I have to I can’t live with him always wearing sunglasses and staying young while I grow old.  I made up my mind, I’ll do it for him. I looked up. Tears were streaming down my face. I found his lips and stared at them, not yet ready to look up. I took a deep breath and glanced up. For a second I saw a pair of light, clear green eyes staring at me. And then a wave of calm washed over me. But it didn’t last long, I was ripped from the picture and now instead of standing by his couch in his living room, I was standing on a dirt road in the dessert. Scared and lost.

                          Chapter two

The first thing I heard was “Thump thump thump”. I turned around and saw three horses coming toward me. I gasp because they were coming straight at me, I turned to run. But ended up tripping on a stone. I fell on my back and quickly sat up. “No” I yelled and put my hands up to block my face, but the horses went right through me and stopped by a dead tree. “Lets rest hear” I heard someone say. I turned around to see him Damarious, my love. He looked almost the same except his hair was longer and he looked 18, about one or two years younger than he is in the present time. He’s 20 but he’s been 20 for a while now. “Damon” a women said as she jumped down from a yellowish horse “Lets tie our horse on this tree”. She had long wavy blond hair and dark brown eyes, she was about 17 years old. “All right Claudia” he responded. They met eyes and she quickly looked away, showing how much she liked him. I felt my stomach growing tighter. I was jealous. The sun was setting and it was getting late. “I brought the stones” Damon said. He pulled out two stones from his horse saddle pocket with round ridges they were a very dull red color and powdery. “Claudia gather twigs” Damon instructed. She immediately started breaking twigs off the dead tree. After the other  person got the horse tie up to the tree he turned to Damon. Damon instructed him and gave him an order to dig a pit, calling him by the name of Quincy. Quincy was tall and skinny about the high of his claudia even though he was probably only thirteen. He had dirty blond hair like mine, but his hair actually had dirt in it, along with a dirty face and the same dark eyes as Claudia. I was guessing they were brother and sister. The spark burst from the colliding rocks and almost jumped to the log, in a matter seconds there was a fire. Perfect timing, the last drop of sun just went down. They passed around a pouch of water and started getting ready to sleep by the warm fire. “Night Quincy, night Claudia” Damon said laying on the ground with his eyes shut. “Damon” said Quincy, “Will we ever see our mother again”? This made Damon uncomfortable. He shifted and opened his eyes, and gazed at the ground. “I hope so” He said, “She was the best cooker ever, I really miss her whole made pie’s”. Suddenly Claudia burst in “Why did they have to take her, why are we constantly on the run Damon”! She yelled. She sat up rubbing her eyes, that tears were starting to fall down. “Your parents were shot before our eyes, why didn’t you stop them from taking our mother, all you did was leave with us”! Damon got up and held her in his arms rocking her back and forth “shh” he said “It will get better I promise”. He sighed. “I guess you guys should know the truth now” he said. “My mother and your mother were talking for a while now, they knew this would happen. Our fathers both owed a lot of money to a gang. Your dad was killed before he could leave the gang but my parents and your mom got away with their children, us. The gangs been hunting for our parents to pay off the dept. So, wanting to protect us, they told me about it saying that if the gang members ever came, I was to take you guys and leave”.  Quincy looked  baffled and I almost thought he was going to cry to until he said “so what now”. Damon answered “well, my parents told me about the gods they said to find them and beg them for help, so were headed north of here to  a town called Yazamar, there’s a gypsy who knows how to contact the Gods”.

                         Chapter Three

I slowly fell asleep on the ground next to them. When I woke up I was standing outside a house, watching Claudia nock over and over again on a rotten wood door. “Maybe they moved” she said. Quincy scrunched up his face and turned the map around and around “No she’s here, and I know  I’m holding the map right this time because North’s that way, he pointed towards North”. Damon took the map from him grunted then walked across the street to a different house. They reluctantly followed him. Damon pounded on the new door he went to. A second later a very slender Asian girl in a purple, sparkled cloth-like dress wrapped around her answered the door. She had dark, long braided hair and brown eyes. “May I help you” She asked with one brow raised. She scanned each person up and down. And for a second it seemed she stared straight at me. Then she swiveled her head to Quincy. “Ma’am” he said “Uh um, are you a gypsy”? She stared at him for a long second then burst out laughing. “Where are your parents” she said “If they need my help tell them to stop by“. She slammed the door on them. Quincy looked back at Claudia and Damon, Damon shrugged and Quincy started to knock on the door again. “May I help you” she asked again. “Um” was all Quincy got out before she started to shut the door again. He stopped it with his hand and said “Listen lady, were not children we’ve come a long way and need help summoning the gods”. She looked astonished for a second then stuck her head out the door and looked around, she motioned for them to come in quickly. They entered and she seated them around a large bowl filled with water. She said “You must be the Bathribs children”  addressing Claudia and Quincy, then she turned to Damon and said “the Himels child”. They nodded and now was their turn to look astonished. She gathered small glassed and herbs and talked at the same time “Your parents already paid me, knowing this might happen. I thought it was stupid that they would pay me so early but a deals a deal I will help you. But first I must warn you. No one has ever survived witnessing the summoning of the Gods except the summoner, which in this case is me. You may die doing this, are you sure you want to go on”. She looked at them questionly. They nodded vigorously. The Asian women started to sprinkle herbs over the water while chanting a different language. She poured eight different glass bottle into the water until it turned a deep violet color, almost like her outfit. “Grab hands all of you and then hold mine, the words I’m saying will flow naturally from me to you, whether your survive will be up to the God that answers your call. They joined hands making a circle around the bowl of water till the air around them grew foggy and they all started chanting the words like pros. Shortly the air above the water bowl started to sparkle bright red and a face appeared. A Goddess with glowing gold hair and the most magnificent grey eyes. She had three roses in her hair and was smiling like she had just won prom queen. Then her face turned dark and she said, “who dares call upon me‘. Claudia and Quincy exchanges looks then said “I did” at the same time. “I shall cast you down to Hades. And you shall die for bothering me.” She snapped her fingers and they disappeared. Damon, wide eyed with terror said “No! Bring them back I will do anything you want please they have lives to live. Please”. She looked at him “Will you do what ever I say for two years brave peasant.” He swallowed and just looked at her. She smiled and said “I will even bring their mother and father back to life, but you have to let me erase their memories. They will forget you forever but live happily with their parents”. He looked steady but deep down I knew he was scared. “Now boy why did you call upon me. “Well uh gang members” he started but didn’t get to finish it. “Ok I will make them safe from gang member and you to if you serve me.” He looked straight in her eyes and said "Fine".

                                                   Chapter four

He served her, that he did. And I don’t know how he did it. The gods had grudges with a lot of people. And he had to do all their dirty work. It was horrible, I lost track of how many memories I got to, I stopped count at number 43. Damon killed over 103 people. He torched villages. Tied people to chairs and left them to burn in buildings, put chains on them then left them to drowned, and stretched people. I couldn’t believe it. I was going crazy watching all of this. Until finally it was the memorie where Aphrodite saw him with another girl. Aphrodite had lots of boys who loved her she played each of them on but the one she liked the most was Damon. The one whose killed 103 people for “his goddess” as she calls it.  Always saying “I’m your goddess Damon, don’t ever run off to a different goddess" She cursed him, it was painful watching this too. How each person  became paralyzed after looking in his eyes. Until he found out to wear dark sun glasses. I was shocked , it was to much to handle death after death. How could someone kill that much and still have a heart. I was standing staring in his wonderful green eyes. I gasped, feeling the breath come back to me. I survived, I made it through his mind, and  broke the curse. I took a step back, and could see the look of realization as he dropped his sunglasses, not needing them anymore. But how could I love someone with no heart. What about all the people he’s killed. He’s a murderer. But still looking into those magnetic eyes, watching him wait for me to make my desition. If I will reject him or stay with him. “Damon” I said, using the nick name that every used to call him. “Nynette” He spoke slowly enjoying the feel of my name on his tongue “I love you”. A tear slipped down my cheek and he walked up to me and wiped it away. I wasn’t afraid of him, even though I now know what he is. He didn’t scare me, one bit. He wiped the tear off my cheek and then kissed me softly his hand on the side of my face and arm rapped around my back. He waited to see if he could go on. I rapped my arms around his neck and leaned in to kiss him again. His eyes were the sadness at that moment, sad of what I had to see. But the hope inside of him shone so brightly. His mouth tasted sweet and warm like a thousand years of waiting for me. He slowly let go and repeated those three words again “I love you”. I stared back at him and smiled so big my face hurt, but the feeling was the best yet. My heart felt so heavy. “I love you” I told him and then leaned in for another kiss.

-Story by Amira

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


          Its not like were stuck to each other like glue and have to go and do everything together. It's not even like I have to constantly explain to them how I feel all the time. It's just that for some reason when I'm with them, I feel  comfortable...I feel at ease. When somthing good happens, they're the first ones I want to tell.
         Most importantly, when I'm feeling down or just taking my fustrations out on something or someone else, they're not afraid to say the words I don't want to hear, like, 'You're acting like a fool!' Or, 'Toughen up!'
         Everything they say, I know they say for my sake-I don't know how many times their friendship's saved me
         I don't want friends in great numbers. All I need is two or three people that I can be myself with when things are their worst.

-From the manga "Pita-Ten"


     Love is when you miss him even before he leaves. When you could listen to him talk all night and never get tired of hearing his voice. When the sound of his name sends chills down your spine. And your see his smile the second you close your eyes.

-Author unknown

Never Alone

           Ahhh, i'd forgotten all this time. I thought I was alone but I wasn't. I've always had my mama and papa, all my cousins. Even my friends at school have always been there to help me when I needed it. I'd just forgotten... I'd closed my heart out to everybody. Despite everything I put them through, they were still so kind to me... Even though they wanted to get to know me and be my friend, I'm the one who chose to turn a blind eye to them. I...I have to apologize this time. I have to tell them how sorry I am. And this time, I have to be the one to say say, let's be friends...Because if I don't then I'll never make real friends...I understand now... I understand what I need to do. If I don't open up... If I offer meanness, then I'll only receive it in return.

-From the manga "Pita-Ten"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


                                                      Chapter One

        “But mom” I complained “I don’t want to leave” She hesitated before answering- but what she did was not answer at all. Instead of comforting me. She took my arm and pulled me toward her. She dropped the backpack she was carrying and pointed. What I saw didn’t terrified me, like every one else, it actually per say, intrigued me. She grabbed my hand, hard, and yanked me back. I kicked and screamed but it was useless. She had the strongest grip ever, which wasn’t a surprise because every day she carry’s the water buckets besides me and has never dropped them. Me on the other hand oh yea almost every other day. When we got on the street the crying stopped and the staring started. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. They were well, to be truth full… amazing. Some were holding these weird diamond shaped things, that after a while I realized could do powerful thing. They had the power to destroy. Anything it was aimed at was gone in a flash, like a more powerful gun.  There were more but they were holding something else. Some with other critters some with minier thems. Babies. We were getting taken over by aliens. Every one was frantic. The shouting, the bodies. The fear. Blood filled the streets along with every shroud of grass. The boy. When I looked up from the grass he was staring at me. Wide eyed with shock. Below him was his parents, I suspected. He was about my age and alone. I looked both ways but in this time, you have to look every where, I started running over to him. My mom calling my name at the end of my heels. The things took one look from me to the boy. And something happened. Something fast right in front of me, hit the ground and exploded. I was throne in the air and knocked to the ground. I saw them- the things- grab him. I saw him get taken, I saw the look of total fear the look of complete desperation. His mouth moved but I couldn’t hear him, instead I saw. He mouthed “Help me”. I tried to move but couldn’t my arm was now bleeding like a faucet. And worse yet when I looked back he was gone. My mother took me. She rapped my arm up, of course, then we ran. We ran from place to place. A new place every time, never sleeping, always keeping a look out. My arm healed at a later day, but the memories didn’t. Learning about the future is one thing. Learning how to survive it is another.

                            Chapter Two

       “Mom” I called and ran around the corner. She was standing in front of our old house, smiling like I had just come home from school. Her arms were open and waiting. I stopped at the drive way. Gaping at the sight. Wait this doesn’t make since, my moms gone and our house is destroyed. “Mom” I said again a little more confused. A single tear of joy trickled down her cheek. I took a step closer, then another. By now I was crying. I ran toward her, then stopped. In the back of her head something twitched. An antenna? But my mom didn’t have antennas. She started to morph. First her hands and feet turned dark slimy brown, then it moved up her body to her face. Help me she mouthed. Just like that kid that got taken. “Mom” I screamed again in total desperation. I tried to run, tried to save her, but I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed in total shock and fear. I sat up straight, hitting my head on the damp broken down wood above me.  “Ouch” I murmured and rubbed my head. Just another bad dream. I crawled out of the tunnel. Me and my mom traveled all over the place, we only found a few forest that weren’t taken over. So she suggested we dig a hole in one, like a little tunnel. We dug a hole about five feet into the ground that turns right into a tunnel big enough for two people to sleep in, side by side. At the top theirs a wooden door that we cover with leaves before we leave. We put wood on every side of the tunnel to keep bugs out. Basically its like as big as a queen size bed but its only about four feet tall, so we have to crawl. Any way I usually have dreams about seeing my mom, one day she left to find food and never came back. I miss her, but its hard living like this either way. My guess is that the aliens took over this planet because their planet was dying.

-Story by Amira


Chapter one

I was racing through the forest as fast as I could, my breath was getting heavier and heavier by the second. I told my self not to look behind-but of course I did. I turned my head thinking that they had given up, but no they hadn’t. Wham! I fell to the floor. I looked at my sprained ankle then to the broken log that I had just fallen over.  I cursed to myself silently and told my self to pull it together. Slowly I pulled my self up holding the trees and glanced behind me, for the second time. But as I learned before, NEVER turn back never even look back, just keep moving as close to forward as you can get. My heart stopped and I could feel the pain in my chest as I looked into their eyes. I felt like I was paralyzed. It took all the strength I had to pull my mind away from their eyes.  Then it was black I had no idea were I was. I wanted to call out something anything but I had nothing to say. I took a step closer to whatever was waiting for me in the darkness. The blackness started to swirl and changed colors till all that was left was-“Honey your going to be late again”. Ugh mom. I sat straight up in bed, staring at the wall, sweating. Gosh Bitty get a hold of your self. Ever since I visited grandma in Florida and fell in that weird pond I’ve been having all these exotic dreams. I pulled on a tank top and a sweat shirt along with jeans, then headed down stairs. I went to the cupboard and grabbed a heath bar. “Bye mom” I yelled “Have fun at work” . She was totally dazed out in front of her computer.  Finally she said bye, and I opened the door and left. The air was amazing. It was the most calmest thing I’ve ever felt. The wind swished by me, the sent of warm spring blossoms filling the air. A couple of blocks toward school I decided to take my shoes off. The hot cement was nice. It felt like my feet were on fire but I didn’t mind. Ouch! I squealed. Something went in my foot! I yelled again, gaping at the blood dripping from my foot. I fell to the ground and grabbed my foot seizing it by the  heel. Then patted the blood that was coming out and soon whatever was in my foot was out to. There was a needle on the ground, must have been the thing I stepped on because it was covered in my blood. I picked it up and dust began to float around it. Wait was it a needle, no it was a blue needle. Wait it’s a rock, oh my gosh the same rock that I was trying to get when I fell into the pond at my grandmas. Was this really the same exact rock that I saw in the pond? Has this been causing my nightmares?  My best friends Tara and  Jami came running over. “Hey what’s wrong chica”? Tara said. Tara’s one of the prettiest girls you ever saw. She has long wavy blond hair and hazel eyes. I swear almost every guy wants to date her. But me… well lets just say I’m not the most popular girl. I have brown hair- with the slightest tint of red, that’s medium length, and blue eyes. Jami began to worry, I could see the strain in here face. Jami has short super straight brown hair with dark brown eyes. Short as in up to her chin but that look completely works on her face. Jami’s very athletic too, she plays field hockey, soccer, roller skating, and volley ball. While Tara only plays soccer and volleyball. We all became friends in volleyball try outs on our first day and we all were so bad we got in trouble for hitting people in the heads with the volleyball. Ever since then we’ve been the best of friends.
“Hey” I said back to both of then. “I’m all right, I just had something in my foot”
“Walking bare foot again. Huh?” Jami said with a little chuckle.
“ha-ha guess so” I answered back.
I quickly grabbed the rock and stuffed it in my pocket. We walked to school, talking about sports and guys.
“Hey I think Justin’s single again” Tara exclaimed with a big grin. Showing her straight white teeth.
“Yea”? I said “think I should go for it”?
“totally because if you don’t I will” Jami said.
“What about the other girl he was just dating wasn’t she in tenth grade”? I asked.
“Well yea but your like way way way way better then any tenth grader.” Tara said, she always knows how to make a person laugh and right now she was nudging me, so I couldn’t keep it in.
“Very funny, but isn’t she the girl whose dated William and Kyle.
“Don’t remind us” They both said at the same time. William and Kyle were both good looking.  Tara had a crush on William and Jami had a crush on Kyle.
I burst out laughing just to stop the moment of awkwardness and they all joined in. Ah the sweet sound of laughter. It was nice to hear that after the long nightmare I had. We all arrived at school. We went to a private school called “Cross and Swords”. And yes, we had to wear uniforms. First class history.  Jami was in history class with me but not Tara, she had chemistry with William. Of course they’re lab partners that’s how Tara came to like him. They flirt so much that if he doesn’t ask her out soon I’m gonna nock him upside the head. History is thee most boringest subject.  Our teachers name is Mr. Vanstragen He has a very monotone voice and when I say very I mean like VERY. He wears a wedding ring but everyone thinks he lives alone.  I don’t know why but that’s what I heard. Williams in our history class but not Justin because he’s in ninth grade and I‘m in eighth. History seemed to go by as slow as a turtle crosses the road.  The whole day went by slowly like that, and I didn’t see Justin at all. Sometimes I wondered if he was sick or ditched school with a girl. When school was finally over I went straight to my room and took the rock out of my pocket. It was warm and now that I think of it so was the pond that I fell in. They were both really warm. That was odd I think I just saw through the rock. Whoa the rock disappeared into my hand. What? I was shaking my hand like crazy and trying to see if it had fallen, but I just saw it, hadn’t I? It went in my hand. I stood there motionless not knowing what to do next . I needed to be calm maybe I just needed some more sleep or a nice shower. Yea, a shower will do.  When I stepped in the shower I could feel the warm water, but my hair wasn’t getting wet. It was still dry and same with my body I was all dry but I could feel the water. Now I started to really freak out, I was going crazy turning the water on then off then on again. I shut my eyes really tight imagined myself soaking wet from head to toe. Then the next I thing I knew I was wet.  How did I do that I asked myself over and over. Did that seriously just happen?

Chapter two

I woke up the next morning and remembered the shower. After being dry for a while then finally getting wet I hurried up and got out of the shower. I was scared to death for night to come, meaning that I would have to go to sleep. But surprisingly I had no dreams, non, nada, zilch.  That was the first night in a long time since I got a peaceful sleep. I got up to brush my teeth. When I was done brushing my teeth I grabbed my cup and reached to turn on the water. When water just started pouring out of the sink. I never even touched the faucet though, and the water just started running. What is going on. First, I fall in a pond trying to grab a blue rock, then I find blue rock on the ground, blue rock disappears in my hand, then this?! Ok its fine, everything’s fine. I’ve always loved the water. After all I was born in July, I am a water sign. Whenever I was around water I always felt like it was calling out to me, wanting me to come to in. To feel the refreshing feel as it runs over my skin. But I could never control it. I glanced at the time, when I was in the middle of deep thought. Oh crap I’m late. I ran out of the house and all the way to school, making it just in time as the bell rang.  Everyone’s nerves were high. I could feel their energies vibrating with joy. It was the last day of school today and then summer break starts. No wonder everyone’s so impatient for school to end. The day went by as quick as lightning and when it was over I ran home and called Tara. She answered after the first ring. “I’m so excited” She squealed, “Were still going up to Joe’s beach today right”?
“Defiantly, wouldn’t miss it for the world” I answered back.
“Good, hurry up and get you fat but over here” she replied “Oh and make sure to wear a bikini I heard that Justin and his friends are gonna be their”.
“Oh that means that Williams probably going to be there to” I exclaimed.
“Yep, and Kyle, I can’t believe that Jami can’t come” She said.
“Why not” I asked.
“Because her parents are making her visit her grandparents, who  live like an hour away” she groaned.
“Great” I said “Oh well we can still have fun with out her, be there in a sec let me just slip into this new bathing suit I got the other day with Jami” I said.
“Oh, is it a bikini” She questioned.
“Maybe” I said “You‘ll see soon”
“Okay bye then” She said. And hung up the phone. I got into my new bathing suit, Its skimpy,  light blue and has little silver crescent moons lining the cloth around my hips and around the ends of my bikini top. Then I pulled over my white, long sleeved, see through cover up and headed out the door. I road my bike bare foot to the beach and caught Tara talking with a group of guys surrounding her. I immediately saw Kyle, Justin, William and Roger. When Tara saw me she grinned and waved me over. I quickly leaned my bike on a tree and jogged over to her. When I was finally standing next to her. I caught Justin’s eye’s. He gave me a devilish smile and said “Hey Bitty”.
“Hey what are you guys doing here” I said.
“Thought it’d be a nice place to hang for the last day of school” said William, never taking his eyes off of Tara. Then he winked at her, Tara smiled and got red in the cheeks. I glanced at Justin and saw him checking me out. His eyes roamed down to my silver crescent moons then bad up to my face. My stomach got tight as he smiled at me. “Nice bathing suit” he said through provoking eyes.
“You like it” I said and took off my cover up, “Where did you guys put your stuff, I need some place to put my cover up”.
“Oh over here” he said and led me to a blanket laid out on the sand.
“Biddy” Tara called “William and I are going to go for a walk down the beach, We’ll be back in a little”
“Ok” I called back. Kyle and Roger left to talk to some other girls while Tara and William left to walk along the beach (Kyle and William are in eighth grade, while Roger and Justin are in ninth).
“Follow me Bitty, I want to show you someplace cool I found” Justin said.
I ran to catch up to him, even though its hard to run in the sand. And when I got next to his side he reached out and grabbed my hand tight in his. My heart went up to my throat and my breathing stopped.  He looked over at me and smiled, I smiled back completely drunk with compassion. He took me to this place where the water washed up against all these piles of large rocks. Still holding my hand we hopped down onto a big flat rock that stayed dry from the water. “Wow its beautiful here” I exclaimed.
“Yes it sure it” he replied “I’ve got the best seat in the house”
I turned to him and saw him staring at me longingly. With the hand that wasn’t holding mine he reached out and took a strand of my hair and twirled it in his fingers. Then he leaned in and whispered “Your eyes are like the ocean, Biddy”.
Then he stopped twirling my hair, put his hand on the side of my face and kissed me. It was an open mouth kiss and I could feel his appeal towards me, I could almost taste it. And I was attracted to him to, it was like we belonged like this forever. The kiss ended and we both pulled away. He gently stroked my cheek then kissed my forehead. The first thing he said was “Will you go out with me Biddy”.

Chapter three

I smiled like I had stolen the suns radiance “Yes” I said. He smiled to himself then laid down on the rock, “I’ve always loved to come here, it was my secret place, but I’ve never shown it to anyone until you” He said. I laid down next to him, we were still holding hands. “I love the sound of the water” He went on “Its talks to me, but  I cant make out what its trying to say”. I could. It sounded like the water was tugging at me telling me to let go. To reach out to Justin in ways not possible, to pull him in the water with me and to stay with him forever. I wanted to, but knew that I couldn’t, at least not today. “It says I love you” I told him “It says I have always loved you”. And that’s when he got up and pulled me up to my feet, then he pulled me in for another kiss. My arms were on his chest while his were on my waist. The kiss lasted longer than the last one and when we pulled away the sun was setting. “Justin” I said “I have to go soon”
“I’ll walk you to where the others are” he said and he lead me back up the rocks through the sand and to my cover up. When we were about to go our separate ways he grabbed my hand once more and whispered in my ear “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this“. I got to my bike, I was riding along the cement path with the beach next to me when there was a tug in my gut. I looked out and saw the waves washing against the shore. Hopping off my bike, I dragged it onto the sand then walked down to the water. I pulled my cover up over my head and through it on the ground. I ran into the water until my feet didn’t touch the sand anymore and I was very far out. I wasn’t wet. My hair was still dry. So I went on my back to float and shut my eyes, willing myself to be wet again. I felt the water seep into my veins, felt it call for me. The waves bumped against me like a lullaby. My eyes snapped open and it was dark out. I was laying on the sand with the water washing against me. How long was I in the water for? I got up and ran to my bike not looking back once, hopped on and road home. My mom didn’t notice when I snuck in late, she was at the computer again. That night I dreamed of seeing a shimmering light in my hand. My hand was glowing so bright and then the light dulled and a rock lay in my palm. I could feel the rock, and knew. It was made of water. It just took on the form of a rock. I could feel the rock telling me all the answers to my questions. That I was gifted, that I was made of water just like the rock. I was born from the foam of the sea and the crashing of the tides. And this rock was my ticket to find my way home. I woke up dazed. Made out of water? How could I if I was born from my parents. I walk down the stairs and poured a bowl of cereal. My mom glanced up from her news paper. My father died in a car accident when I was a couple months old, and we rarely talk about him. “Biddy I’m such a scatter brain I left my keys in the office, will you grab them for me” She asked.
“Sure thing mom” I said while putting my bowl in the washer machine. I went into her office and grabbed the keys. My mom kept all her keys on one chain, and I thought of something. I took the key that opens her desk draw and unlocked it. Inside were folders I grabbed out the first folder and looked at its continents. There were adoption papers, and my birth certificate. Name: Bidertha, Last Name: Dragonsmifer Mother: NA ,Father: NA Information: Her adopted parents names are Sally and Fernando Dragonsmifer, her real birth parents are unknown. My mouth dropped open as I gaped at the papers. Adopted? And with no name of my real parents, meaning that they had no information about me. “Honey what’s taking you so long” my mom called as she strode into the office. I held up the files and said “Can you explain this”.
Looking completely astonished she said “Biddy I’m sorry, when your father passed away I needed something to take my mind off of him, and we had already gone through all the classes. I Loved you very much and when the adoption center asked if I still wanted you I said yes. But it makes no difference your still my child and I still love you.”  I could see her eyes tearing up.
“How come my paper says NA for my parents” I replied.
“The adoption center told me that some people found you washed up by the ocean shore in a basket. So I got to name you Biddy, and we had no information about you.” She said apologetically.
“I love you” I said as tears came to my eyes “no matter what”.
“Oh Biddy I love you to I’m sorry I never told you” She said “Will you be ok wile I go to work”
“Yea” I said and kissed her good bye.

Chapter Four

I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do… Adopted. I would of never thought. I had to see Tara and Jami, Had to tell them that I was adopted. Once my mom left I grabbed my bike and started riding to Tara’s house, from their we’d go to Jami’s house. “Boy its hot” I murmured to myself as I road on the side walk. My hands started tingling and I glanced behind me. Three black shadows slid from my eyes. I blinked and glanced over my shoulder again. Was there something there a minute a go? No, just my imagination. I road faster, trying to chase my fear away with distance. When I new someone was behind me,  I heard the pitter patter of feet hitting the ground. I looked back and saw three blurry shapes and three sets of red eyes. Bam! My bike skidded to a stop and I flew off and tumbled onto the grass. “Biddy!” Tara yelled. Wow perfect landing, I landed right in front of her house.
“Are You ok?” She said. I looked to see if I was still being chased by those…things. But all that was behind me was my bike laying on the ground. 
“Uh yea, must of tripped over a rock” I told her.
“Yea must of, you were riding so fast I didn’t even know it was you will you fell” She said “Why were you going so fast?”
“I had to tell you something but first lets go to Jami’s house” I answered.
“Can you ride” she asked.  I stood up, guess its not entirely like my dream, I didn’t sprain my ankle.
“Yea lets go” I said. She ran and got her bike, then we road to Jami’s house. Once were got there Jami took us in her back patio and poured us lemonade.
“The lemonades actually really good” Jami said, “Not to sweet this time”. I laughed, when we were younger we made a lemonade stand but ended up putting in way to much sugar.
“What did you want to tell us?” Tara questioned.
“Well, I don’t know how to start this off so I’m just going to flat out say it” I said, “I’m adopted”. Both of their mouths dropped open and they stared at me.
Jami was the first to speak “But how, what… when did you find out”
“Today” I told her, “My mom asked me to get her keys that she left in the office and I opened up one of her draws and saw the papers”.
“Wow” said Tara “That’s a shocker”.
“Yea, I know” I managed to get out.
“Jamaica, Dinners ready” Jami’s mom called.
“You guys wanna stay for dinner” Jami asked.
“No I’ve got to get back home, were having steak today” Tara answered with a grin.
“How bout you Biddy” Jami asked.
“Nah I have to go to” I said.
“Ok” Jami answered but if you need anything just call.
“Alright I will” We hugged then left.
That night I saw the eyes, the same eyes as in my dream, and the ones that belonged to the people who were chasing me.  They were blood red and hungry. Hungry for power.
“The girl needs to remember who she is and soon or when we take her power it won’t be at its full extent” one of the shadowy black things said.
“She’s starting to remember” another one slithered in a wiry tone. The leader of the three turned then and proclaimed “We must take her to the cove before any one else discovers that her powers are growing”.  With that he looked strait into my eyes and said, “Yes we will get her powers”. I woke up at two in the morning scared and confused.

Chapter Five

I got up and ran. Fear powering my body. I looked behind me once my feet hit the street and saw those eyes. Black dust swirling around them. Where was I to go? I knew the answer even before I finished asking myself the question. The water. That’s the one place I felt safe. Before logic could stop me. I jumped into the water and sank. I went down as far as I could go. Every time staring at the top of the water. I saw the wavy picture of those things above the water, waiting for me to come out. I reached the sandy bottom of the water and laid down. Usually I would just float back up to the surface but now, there seemed to be a weight keeping me down. I took a deep breath and realized I wasn’t breathing through my mouth. Huh? I felt the side of my neck and felt gills. I was breaking in water through my gills and processing out the oxygen that was in the water, like a fish. The black shadows were still above me, if I wanted to get out of the water anytime soon, I would have to swim away from them first. From the looks of it, it seems like the shadows couldn’t go into the water. I swam deeper into the water, and the water dropped in depth the further I went out. I noticed the water kept dropping in temperature too. The water started to swill around me and the sand went flying. Then the sand started to settle and a shape took place. In the sand was the face of a woman with long hair. Half of her body rose out of the ground giving her only a body from the torso up. “What do you seek girl” the woman asked.
Completly freaked out I stampered, “W-w-who are you, What are you?”
“I am an element” she said.
“What about those shadows that were following me” I said,still confused.
“Thoughts were also elements” she told me, “I am the earth element and so are my kin that I rule over”. She looked behind her and I saw little children playing on the ocean floor, all made out of sand, sea weed and stones. “Thoughts things you call shadows are nightshades, they are made from the element of fire and the shame of ashes. My kin are called Dario. You are also an element, I have herd rumors that the water queen was fading and needed a new element to take over but I had no idea they were true. Until now.”
I stampeded, “Excuse me? Are you saying I’m made of water, will I turn into water”.
“No” The lady told me, "You are barly human but barley an element, yet. When the water queen dies you will take up her fate and rule the water element. If you chose to stay human you will be able to. I presume you have the water crystal?”
“If you mean that stone I found by the pond actually its sort of inside me.” I answered.
“Shut your eyes” She commanded. I did. She laid her sandy hand over mind and produced the rock from inside of me. I gasped for air. I could no longer breath in the water. “With this you will have the power of water to manipulate to your intentions. When you become the queen and gain your full powers you will be an equal match to all the elements and you will be able to fight for yourself. But right now you are vulnerable”. She placed the rock back in my hand and my gills instantly came back. “But I” I try to say.
“My name is Meralvo, queen of the earth element. I will meet you again some day but for now I only have one bit of advise to say. Fire and water don‘t get along. Until you are queen the fire element will do everything in its power to get rid of you. But remember this, a world without water, is a world without humans. Don’t fail or you will fail not only the elements, but the people to”. With that she disappeared. And I was left alone in the water. I rose to the surface and looked around. No nightshades in sight. And soon the sun would be coming up I ran back to my house and snuggled up in my warm bed. I reflected back on what had just happened. Things were just getting stranger. I thought I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again but as soon as my head hit the pillow I fell into a deep sleep.

-Story by Amira


There is a sparkle in everyone’s heart, deep down inside. You find it by believing in yourself.
I still don’t know what the real me is like. I might be someone who is wishy-washy. But… I believe… The sparkle inside.

The buds of dreams bloom, for happy dreams… sad dreams… dream’s about love. Inside my heart all of those we there.

I’m not going to put an “X” on my dream. Believe in yourself , and let you dream bloom into any kind of person you are. Let your life be what ever you want it to be, and don’t let people tell you who you are. You are You. Believe in who you are.

-From the manga "Shugo Chara"