Saturday, May 12, 2012

Heart of Ice

I don't know if I can. Let them take a place in my heart. Take a piece of my heart. What if they never give it back? I dont want it to shatter all over the globe for everyone to see.

No one see's me. Don't worry. My heart will not get anymore cracks in it. It won't shatter.

But... that one person. What if he touches me. Touches my heart. And. My frozen heart. And. The flames on his skin... What then?

Then, it will shatter.

By, Amira


Frost is what I see
Bitting at me
Niping at my hair
Driving away dispair

The only thing that will care
The only thing that I will wear
Draped over my body
It holds between teeth, my key

Bitter Blue

The night of the frost
The one that cost
Me everything I have left
His lips of soft
Calm bitter blue
Weather, changes the hue
The sun, causes the dew
On morning grass anew
He lays there, unspoken, unbearable, unchangeable to me
Something we can never be

Monday, March 12, 2012

Seeing Clearly

Going around the world
Looking out from inside
Acting as those who don’t
See what this world could truly be
Saying fake words to blend in
Escaping and retreating inside
Saving yourself from those outside

Poem by Amira

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Swerving dipping gliding on by
Riding the wind high up in the sky
From sun rise to sun set I soar in the air
I look down below me without a care

Truly am I, one that is free
Distance to concur as big as the sea
I chose my own path without regret
This is my one life’s goal, and it will always be met

Poem by, Amira

Saturday, February 25, 2012


myself back
my dreams away
my knees to my chest
that cant grasp sanity
that see but cant take
A Smile
that makes me forget
A Heart
that aches with wanting

By, Amira

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Salt Water

The sunlight dancing, trickling over my hair. I lean my head back to feel the soft caress of the sun as it kisses my face in greeting. Head against brick. Fingers cold as ice. I bet it look pretty. The way the sun hits the ocean. The way the sun hits the rain. The way the sun hits the tiny drops of salt water lingering on my face.

By, Amira

Friday, February 10, 2012


Rage. It makes me wanna cry. Cry till my breaths come in hiccups and my lungs fill to a burst. But all the same it makes me want to throw my phone as hard as I can. Till it hits the chalk board and shatters into oblivion, and every head turns towards me.

Is this emotion boiling inside me, that I can’t deny, going to cause a fire? Or is there any way I can cool it down to a simmer.

Is it good? Should I let it grow or should I find a way to make it go away. Not keep it locked up, but not let I out either, make it vanish. I know I can, I’m good at calming myself. I just don’t want to. An emotion that gives you the courage, the rage, the reason to do something you’d never normally do?

It makes me restless though, uncontained, uncontent.  Uncontrollable. Should I let it take me under oblivion, till all I see is the pain lashing out. Uncontrolled, uncontent with staying in my body.

Or should I not let it get that far?

By, Amira

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Damp White Fur

Silent tears falling, sliding, gliding down my cheek. A short little trail that evaporates as soon as it’s created. Tear, mixed with white. Holding onto, grasping my sanity. Rage. And a tinier feeling yet, sorrow. I did nothing wrong. My rage evaporating as quick as my trail. But the white soft fur remains damp. My emotions linger on him. I get up. Clean up his mistake. Let the bite of the cold seep into my bones. I welcome the ache, anything to forget the rage. To go on loving all that I have. Damp white fur. Dark brown eyes.

By, Amira

Monday, January 2, 2012


The warm candle light
that reaches my delight
tears me from the scenes I see,
pulls me through the bars and sets me free.
The flames lick my skin in ecasty
and turns me to charcoal, the fire that torchures me.
Everything is nice at first sight
but, remember, everthing will soon bite.

Poem by Amira