Thursday, September 29, 2011


“Naimieta” the voice said in a hushed tone. “Come to me Naimieta. I need you.” The voice caressed once more. Images clouded my vision. A car crash. A field of wheat. Shapes blurring around a fire. And a feather. I came back to my senses and- “Naime” I looked up to see the teachers face an inch from my own. Through gritted teeth the teacher said “Hallway” and pointed towards the door. The teacher led me towards the hall then slammed the door shut behind us. She crossed her arms, making her look even more mad than she already was, and said “Naime, is there something going on at home, the last few days you haven’t been doing very well in my class”. “I-I um no miss” I stammered.  She raised one eye brow in a silent question. “I guess I’m just having an off week”. “I’m concerned about you” she lied “are you getting enough sleep”. “Yea” I said. “Really” she raised her eye brow again “then for falling asleep in class you get a detention”. She spun on her heel and walked back into the class room. Stunned I just stood there like an idiot until a sound penetrated my ears. It sounded like a crash, did my teacher fall? I looked into the class room… no. Then I heard a humming noise getting louder and louder. “What the?” I whispered. The sound was now practically two feet away, turning I saw two headlights coming right towards my face. “Holly crap” I shouted as I dove into the class room. Everyone got up and ran to the hallway door right as the car crashed into another car coming from the opposite direction. Looking behind me I saw the teachers eyes go wide as she realized that two cars were just driving in our hallway. “Outside, everyone” she shouted. Everyone opened the windows and we all stared climbing out. Good thing we were on the first floor. Realization hit me. The car crash was the one that I saw in my vision. Not even thinking I bolted toward the hallway.  The front of each car was smashed together and smoking, but I didn’t care. I ran towards the first car, which was red, and looked inside. Nothing. Running to the next car, which was sleek and black, I reached out to open the smashed door when I felt something else in my hands. Pulling away I saw a note taped to the door. “209” was all that was written on the note. I hesitated, should I take it or leave it for the police? I heard boots running towards the cars, snatching the note up I slipped down the corner of the next hall and started walking fast. “Stop” I heard a voice yell. Pretending not to hear I started walking faster, come on I told myself silently just one more room. I heard footsteps behind me “I said stop”. Crap. Turning into the closest room I froze. Where to, come on. The window, no he would catch me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a storage closet. Bolting towards it just in time, I slowly shut the door. “We have dogs with us” the man said speaking into the darkness. I’m dead. But I did nothing wrong… except steal a piece of evidence. So, he can’t put you in jail for that. “Hello” I felt the warmth of someone’s voice speaking in my ear. I gasped. Thankfully the policeman didn’t hear it. “You came” the voice said behind me. Too afraid to speak I just stood there, in the darkness of the storage closet. “W-what” I finally stampeded in a quiet whisper. “209” the voice said. Defiantly male, the voice was smooth and intoxicating. “209?” I said. Then it hit me, I must be in room 209, the numbers on the note. Wait then was the person behind me in the car that almost killed me? I heard the policeman grunt in defeat and exit the classroom. I figured now was the time. I spun around, dragging my foot under him. He fell to the floor swearing. From the closet floor he grabbed my ankle and pulled.  I fell backwards and the closet door swung outwards. Hitting the floor, the breath was knocked out of me. I lay there for a moment, giving him time to get up, before I too was on my feet.  I pulled my fist up to my face, ready for a fight. He stepped out of the closet and smiled a devilish grin. “You think you can beat me” he said in a mock tone. “What’s your problem” was my retort. “Right now, you” he said and took a step closer to me. I flinched back. “You put the note on the car?” I wondered. “So you did get it, then why, oh you were running from the cop” he chuckled a little “let me guess, he caught you red handed. Well you can put your hands down I won’t harm you. It would be pointless anyway, why would I want to harm you after I just saved you”. “What are you talking about” I didn’t put my hands down, although I did clutch my fist tighter. “The car that almost killed you. Wow you are dense. I smashed into it.” He said in a know it all tone “and by the way that was a new car, I was hoping it would last longer than the last. But here you go getting me into accidents”. “Me?” jerk I thought silently. “Yea you, ok so here’s the deal, you’re coming with me” in a matter of seconds he was next to me. Before I could register what had happened he grabbed me by the waist and slung me over his shoulder. “I’ll scream” I told him. “If you do the cop will hear you” he stated. Ok fine two can play this game I’ll let him take me away from the cop, then let the games begin. He walked to the door and peeked out. Sprinting down the hallway (or whatever you call it with a girl slung over your shoulder) he ran to the nearest exit. This exit led to the back of the school where the woods were. He carried me a few feet into the woods before I came up with a scheme to escape. I started coughing and chocking. I gasped for air, than slumped against him. “Come on do you think I’m going to fall for that he said. That’s when he noticed the blood. I had a cold hot dog for lunch and the left over ketchup packs were in my pocket. But not anymore, now they stained his nice black shirt… and my hip. I held my breath hoping he would think something was wrong with me. It took him all of two seconds before he stopped walking and laid me against a tree. I kept my eyes open staring straight ahead. He touched a hand to my hip where I put the ketchup and warmth spread throughout my body. “Now” I told myself I swung my fist towards his face. He caught my fist and our eyes locked. Without hesitation I brought my leg in and kicked out. I heard my foot make contact with his stomach as he gasped for air. Before taking off I glanced at him once more, I felt bad for this kid he was about seventeen and he must be a psychopath or something. Turning around to leave I hit something and stumbled back. Looking up, I saw him, right in front of me. “How” I tried to say, but he cut me off. “This is getting old” he growled at me. He grabbed my arm and yanked me deeper into the forest. I tried to yank myself away from him but his grip was starting to hurt me. “Ouch loosen up a bit” I said, he just kept dragging me forward with him, “at least tell me where you’re taking me”. “Were here” he said. I looked around and saw a large animal. A horse? He expects me to ride a horse. Yanking me over to the horse he grabbed my hands and quickly tied them with a rope in a tight knot. Then he hoisted me on the horse’s back and jumped on behind me. What does this kid want from me? We were on are way, I think it was about an hour before he talked again. “What’s your name” he asked me. I started cracking up. I mean come on this guy kidnaps a girl then tries to make small talk. “What’s so funny” he sounded so confused. Good, let him be. “What’s my name” I said “no I think the question is what’s your name. No let me guess its psychopath”. “Naimieta” he said, and I froze. That voice, it couldn’t be. Turning around so I faced him I looked into his deep grey eyes and couldn’t help to notice his dark brown hair. His gaze made me self-conscious of myself. I mean, it’s not like I’m pretty. I have short golden brown hair and light green eyes but I’m just average. Still looking at him, I asked “what are you”.  This question took him by surprise. “W-what am I” he stamped nervously. “Well, I’m the same thing as you” He said nodding his head. It seemed like he was trying to convince himself more than me. “Mhm” I turned around not wanting to see the laughter on his face when I asked the next question, “then how come you can talk in my head”. I felt him stiffen behind me. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” he said in one breath. How come I don’t believe him? I should probably find out a little bit more about him before I accuse him of being some kind of wizard. Either that or I’m losing my mind. I wonder which one is right. My vote is on wizard because I can’t be losing my mind. “You never answered my first question by the way, what’s your name?” I asked him. “Oh um Claud or Claudius is my full name” he answered, sounding relieved by my new question. “How old are you” I asked. “Bout seventeen. You?” he answered. Yes, I got his age right! “15 turning 16 soon though”. I told him. This seemed like a normal conversation between two teens. But it wasn’t it was more than that. I could feel… something. It was like an electrical force was moving around us, binding us together. For a second everything became clearer. I could see miles in front of me and everything was detailed. I could see every grain of dirt that was on the ground. Then it was gone along with the electric sensation. “What just” the words stumbled out of his mouth, “I mean uh wow your only about a year younger than me”. Before he could say more I busted in, “You felt it to”. “Felt what,” he was playing dumb. “The electric feeling” I said. There was a long pause before he answered. “Maybe you are the one” he said quietly. After that we stopped talking. Soon we stopped and he jumped off the horse but kept me on. I looked around and saw a field of wheat. What do you know, my vision. He started to pull the horse into the wheat, after about a few feet the wheat opened up into a path. He rounded the path and the wheat opened up to a clearing. In the middle there was a fire with Indians dancing around it. I gasped out loud. When the Indians noticed us the dancing stopped and an old woman ran up to Claudius and gave him a big hug. Looking up and seeing my hands were tied she said “You didn’t have to use force to get her”. “He shrugged and said “She was stubborn”. For a minute he reminded me of the bullies at the orphanage. That’s how I got my fighting skills; I grew up afraid every time I went to sleep that I wouldn’t wake up again. Some of the kids in the orphanage are really aggressive. I would know, I’ve been raised there ever since I was little, apparently my mother died in child birth. He pulled me off of the horse and someone else took the horse away. He led me over to the fire and sat me down on a log. “Hello Naimieta” the old lady said “My name is Calldia. Would you like to hear about your mother?” Startled I looked up at her kind green eyes. Her hair was grey and braided down her back. “My mother died” I said. “Yes, she did” Calldia agreed “Giving birth to you”. I froze, how did she know this. “Would you like to hear the story” she asked. I nodded. “You mother was my daughter. I loved her very much” the woman saddened “One day she fell in love with a city mortal. She became pregnant and soon her love left her. She decided to have you in a hospital and when you were born and she died in child birth, the nurses didn’t know any other family of yours. We’ve been searching for you for a long time”. “Searching for me?” I questioned “how”. “Through the fire” she went on “You see we are not mere mortals like your father, we are shifters of the Indian spirits.” This lady was crazy they all were. But then how come I could hear Claudius’s voice in my head, and how was he was so fast. “What she says is true” Claud’s voice interrupted my thoughts. My gaze flicked over to him, and saw a pair of grey eyes staring intently back at me. “Then what about the car in my school” I said. This time Claudius answered “someone was fixing their car and it went hay wire, I saw it in a vision and had to stop it”. “How did you live the crash then” I asked. “I shifted right before the cars hit” he said. “So if my mom was one of you… I’m a shifter too” my voice came out shaky. “Yes, would you like to see what a shifter is” Calldia questioned. Hesitantly I nodded my head. She got up from her seat and grabbed my hand, making me stand by the fire. Then Claudius got up and walked over to me. All the Indians stood up and grabbed one another’s hands. They started to spin. Soon I couldn’t see any Indians; they were all blurring around the fire. My vision! I heard a buzzing sound like electricity running through wires. Then I felt it again, the electric feeling running through me and to Claudius. We were binded together in a net of, what felt like, electricity. My eyes dilated and then everything became clear again, but his time it wasn’t my normal vision. This time I could see everything around me. I could feel the electricity soak through my skin and into my body. I felt free and energized. I looked over at Claud and instead saw a dark brown eagle with intense grey eyes. Listening to the rhythmic hum that was going through my body me and Claud took to the air at the same time. Soaring through the air I knew that this was where I belonged, this was me. I felt the silky feel as the air rushed over my wings. And then I looked up to see Claud flying above me. I watch him for a second until I saw a feather slip from his wing and fall down towards earth.

Story by Amira


Monday, September 19, 2011

Imagery Exercise

Try to picture, feel, taste, hear, or smell each word that is said.

A lavender feild. A bouquet of white roses. A dove. A smile. Eyes. Skipping. Together. Just... being. Moments. Memories. Lasting. Now, not then. Forever. A drop, a flash, a rumble, a storm. The song. The music. Dance. Laugh. Jump. Live... together. In any storm any place. Make life worth it.

When your all done read it again.

By, Amira