Saturday, May 12, 2012

Heart of Ice

I don't know if I can. Let them take a place in my heart. Take a piece of my heart. What if they never give it back? I dont want it to shatter all over the globe for everyone to see.

No one see's me. Don't worry. My heart will not get anymore cracks in it. It won't shatter.

But... that one person. What if he touches me. Touches my heart. And. My frozen heart. And. The flames on his skin... What then?

Then, it will shatter.

By, Amira


Frost is what I see
Bitting at me
Niping at my hair
Driving away dispair

The only thing that will care
The only thing that I will wear
Draped over my body
It holds between teeth, my key

Bitter Blue

The night of the frost
The one that cost
Me everything I have left
His lips of soft
Calm bitter blue
Weather, changes the hue
The sun, causes the dew
On morning grass anew
He lays there, unspoken, unbearable, unchangeable to me
Something we can never be