Friday, February 10, 2012


Rage. It makes me wanna cry. Cry till my breaths come in hiccups and my lungs fill to a burst. But all the same it makes me want to throw my phone as hard as I can. Till it hits the chalk board and shatters into oblivion, and every head turns towards me.

Is this emotion boiling inside me, that I can’t deny, going to cause a fire? Or is there any way I can cool it down to a simmer.

Is it good? Should I let it grow or should I find a way to make it go away. Not keep it locked up, but not let I out either, make it vanish. I know I can, I’m good at calming myself. I just don’t want to. An emotion that gives you the courage, the rage, the reason to do something you’d never normally do?

It makes me restless though, uncontained, uncontent.  Uncontrollable. Should I let it take me under oblivion, till all I see is the pain lashing out. Uncontrolled, uncontent with staying in my body.

Or should I not let it get that far?

By, Amira

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